2024 Results

Round 2 - Vocabulary Round

Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 177th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
1 Ayden Nguyen Alabama Kiwanis Foundation What is analgesia?
insensitivity to pain
3 Elden Wier Fairbanks North Star Borough School District A dolma is a type of:
prehistoric monument
Correct answer: stuffed vegetable dish
4 Aliyah Alpert Arizona Educational Foundation Detritus is:
fragmentary material
5 Isabelle Garcia Arizona Educational Foundation A debutante refers to someone who is:
making a formal entrance into society
6 Shynelle Joe Navajo Times Publishing Company An onus is:
an umbilical cord
Correct answer: something difficult to bear
7 Ryan Fan Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas Something described as recumbent is:
in a horizontal position or lying down
8 Aarav Balani The Ministry of Education A remark described as opprobrious is:
expressing distaste
9 Eckward Ferguson The Ministry of Education Tutelage is:
individual instruction
11 Amaani Charan San Ramon Valley Rotary Club What is a lingua franca?
something that acts as a common language
12 Aren Lee San Ramon Valley Rotary Club Ventriloquy is the act of speaking:
without moving the lips
13 Shradha Rachamreddy San Ramon Valley Rotary Club If a tree is deciduous, it:
sheds its leaves
14 Carina Beltran Imperial County Office of Education What is an inducement?
a motive that leads to action
15 Aarav Mann The Office of the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools Hubris is:
excessive pride or arrogance
16 Katelyn Nguyen The Orange County Register A schooner is a type of:
17 Oliver Halkett Los Angeles County Office of Education Acerbity is:
a manner that is harsh, biting, or irritated
18 Rishabh Saha SNSB Region One Bee In what class would you most likely learn about ataxia?
19 Avi Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education What is a moratorium?
a delay officially set by some authority
20 Nithika Rangan TCG Memorial Academy What is tommyrot?
21 Ryan Ferguson Monterey County Office of Education What is a diaspora?
a mold microbe
Correct answer: a dispersion of people
22 Shrey Parikh San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools If something is described as laconic, it is:
spoken, written, or expressed briefly
23 Srikanth Satheesh Kumar San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Where would one expect to find a solon?
in a legislative body
24 Ben Evans ABC 10News What is a symposium?
a conference at which people give speeches
25 Ibrahim Zaki Sage Which of the following is another word for tenement?
Correct answer: apartment
26 Sarvadnya Kadam Visalia Times-Delta/Tulare Advance-Register Excision refers to:
removal by surgery
27 Duncan Grant Cape Breton University What is triage?
a cluster of shapes with three sides and three angles
Correct answer: administration of treatment based on urgency of need
28 Arshan Shahriar ECU Regional Bee Someone described as implacable:
cannot be calmed
30 Cooper Edwards Boulder Valley School District If something is described as parochial, it is:
within the jurisdiction of a church parish
31 Aditi Muthukumar The Denver Post Another word for viscidity is:
32 Hayden Hughes Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society What is another word for temblor?
34 Noah Rowe The Washington Informer If something is saltatory, it:
relates to dancing
35 Victoria McFetridge The Washington Informer What is another word for antithesis?
36 Benjamin Grice European PTSA What is another word for stalwart?
Correct answer: brave
37 Claire Smith SNSB Region Two Bee If something is palpebral, it relates to:
38 Nicasio David Lee County Spelling Bee Which of the following would be an example of larceny?
stealing a painting
39 Sree Vidya Siliveri WJXT A locavore is:
a person who eats foods grown nearby
40 Camila Sanchez Izquierdo Miami Herald What is a harbinger?
something that foreshadows future events
43 Elvis Avetis Orange County Public Schools A theomachy is a battle:
among the gods
45 Vel Sethirayar Orange County Public Schools Someone described as effusive is:
showing uncontrolled enthusiasm or emotion
46 Amara Chepuri Rays Baseball Foundation and Rowdies Soccer Fund Preprandial refers to the period before:
eating dinner
47 Bruhat Soma Rays Baseball Foundation and Rowdies Soccer Fund Something that is pinnate resembles:
a feather
48 Jordin Oremosu Rays Baseball Foundation and Rowdies Soccer Fund A terrarium is used to:
grow plants
49 Allie Winsor Envision Credit Union Zydeco is:
a spicy lamb stew
Correct answer: a type of music from Louisiana
50 Matthew Baber Georgia Association of Educators What is a pilcrow?
a paragraph mark
51 Sarv Dharavane Georgia Association of Educators What are reparations?
compensation for damages sustained
52 Abena Kwaffo Young Educators Foundation Something described as phosphorescent:
emits light
53 Giovanni Adjei Young Educators Foundation Another word for confabulation is:
54 N'Adom Darko-Asare Young Educators Foundation What is a diacritic?
a mark placed around a letter to modify its phonetic value
55 Alleena Villaluz Rotary Club of Guam A sycophant is most likely to:
flatter you
56 Sebastian Bejar Hawaii State Spelling Bee What does it mean to galvanize?
to crush
Correct answer: to stimulate
57 Amiah Van Hill Idaho Character Foundation What does it mean to depose someone?
remove from a high position
58 Navtaj Singh Lewiston Tribune A wallaby is a type of:
59 Nidhi Kulkarni Chicago Public Schools What does it mean to chide?
scold mildly
61 Dev Katira South Cook ISC Something described as dowdy is:
62 Ribhu Chaher Will County Regional Office of Education Something described as osculatory relates to:
63 Andres Robles DeKalb Regional Office of Education 16 What is a topiary?
a shrub cut into a decorative shape
64 Hendrix Feld Carroll/JoDaviess/Stephenson Regional Office of Education Something described as vernal relates to the:
Correct answer: spring
65 Yahya Mohammed Kane County Regional Office of Education What does peculate mean?
to steal for one’s own use
70 Ian Leong Lake County Regional Office of Education What is another word for codswallop?
72 Reid Shaw SNSB Region Three Bee A person indulging in histrionics is:
acting dramatically to produce a response from others
73 Achyut Ethiraj SNSB Region Three Bee What is an armistice?
an agreement to end hostilities or war
74 Miah Miller IU School of Education at IUPUI If something is described as ineffable, it is:
not able to be expressed in words
75 Sharanya Kar Lafayette Adult Resource Academy Something described as tensile:
relates to the act of stretching
76 Leo Furlong Ball State University - WIPB-TV What is primogeniture?
being the firstborn of the children of the same parents
77 Nolan Roule Kankakee Valley REMC A bromide is:
a microscopic marine organism
Correct answer: an overused saying or idea
78 Partha Katreddy The Dispatch Argus Something described as subliminal:
is designed to affect the mind on an unconscious level
80 Carey Chesire Kansas Press Association Someone described as feckless:
is lazy and impractical
83 Ian Gibson Visit Hopkinsville A shar-pei is a type of:
Chinese dog
84 Joshua Bullen Visit Hopkinsville One who exhibits temerity is:
Correct answer: reckless
86 Zachary Rara Louisville Free Public Library Someone described as rebarbative:
tends to repel or irritate
88 Aiden Pham Kiwanis Club of Lafayette & Arcadiana Someone described as dyspeptic is:
89 Paranika Ethakota SagamoreHill Broadcasting, LLC What does it mean to tabulate?
set up data in rows and columns
90 Nayara de Silva-Ahmed New Orleans Chapter of The Links Travails are:
hard work
91 Sanil Thorat Louisiana State University Shreveport A poblano is:
a kind of pepper
92 Evan Trieu Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram What is divestiture?
a required transfer of assets
93 Quint Karlsson Anne Arundel County Public Schools Another word for lassitude is:
95 Su Hlaing The Meakem Group A penitentiary is:
a state or federal prison
96 Navya Dwivedi Howard County Library What would you most likely do with stevia?
use it in place of sugar
99 Conor Keightley-Reinhardt University of Maryland Eastern Shore What does a mortician do?
manage funeral and burial preparations
100 Tanoshi Inomata Boston Centers for Youth & Families What is a golem?
a humanlike figure endowed with life
101 Adarsh Venkannagari The Daily Item What is an arpeggio?
a production of the tones of a chord one after another
102 Josephine Gautier The Martha's Vineyard Times Something described as circadian:
occurs in 24-hour cycles
104 Divya Choudhary WXYZ Channel 7 What is a nautilus?
a mollusk with a spiral shell
105 Joshua Diocares Kent Intermediate School District What is a trellis?
a frame made of crossing pieces of wood
110 Rhys Miller Traverse City Record-Eagle Something described as sardonic is:
marked by mockery
111 Aryan Khedkar Oakland Schools Education Foundation Weather described as inclement is:
rough or stormy
112 Yupeng Chen The Minnesota Service Cooperatives What is a genome?
a set of chromosomes and the genes they contain
113 Kai Riedner The Minnesota Service Cooperatives What is a spinosity?
a prickly or difficult thing
114 Jacob Warner The Minnesota Service Cooperatives A pontiff is:
a chief religious figure
115 Jaden Go The Minnesota Service Cooperatives Another word for statuesque is:
117 Roberto Villasboas The Minnesota Service Cooperatives Where would you find a vestibule?
between the outer door and the interior of a building
118 William Rausch The Minnesota Service Cooperatives What would you most likely do with a clavichord?
play music with it
119 Holland Vogel The Minnesota Service Cooperatives What does a soothsayer do?
predict the future
121 Azariah Green C Spire Foundation An annulment is:
a pronouncement declaring the invalidity of a marriage
123 Aanya Shetty Columbia Missourian What does it mean to sashay?
to walk around in such a way as to attract attention
124 Garrett Fry Mid-Continent Public Library If something evokes pathos, it evokes:
pity or compassion
125 Mariah Coffey Raymore-Peculiar School District If you jettison something, you:
dye it a deep, rich black
Correct answer: drop it from an airplane in flight
127 Kunal Patel A.C.E.S. What is rosin used for?
making varnishes
128 Ellie Wattenbarger Mosaic Life Care Foundation What does it mean to liaise?
to establish communication to develop mutual understanding
129 Sonia Kulkarni Saint Louis University Something described as oblique is:
slanting in direction or position
130 Cheyenne Wang Montana Television Network What does it mean to consecrate?
make or declare sacred
131 Sarah Fernandes Omaha Sports Commission An amalgam is:
a mixture of elements
132 Arabella Mendoza The Public Education Foundation What is remuneration?
compensation for a loss or expense
134 Amritanshu Pradhan New Hampshire Union Leader Rudiments are:
fundamental skills taught or learned
136 Olivia Rhee Bergen County Division of Cultural & Historic Affairs Another word for simpatico is:
137 Kavya Jakasania Hudson County Office of Cultural and Heritage Affairs A cassock is:
a full-length close-fitting robe
138 Mariam Belkouchi Sidelines and Stages A person described as corpulent has:
a bulky body
139 Harini Murali Press Communications In music, fortissimo means:
very loud
140 Juliette Anderson The Albuquerque Journal A scythe is:
a tool used to cut grass or certain crops
143 Noah Kaplan SNSB Region Four Bee Obloquy is:
condemnatory language
144 Olivia Lipiec ScholarSkills for STARS Pulchritude is:
physical beauty
145 YY Liang ScholarSkills for STARS What is a portico?
a covered walkway typically at the entrance of a building
146 Victor Yang ScholarSkills for STARS A person described as mendacious is:
prone to lying
147 Anna Korneeva NYC Department of Education What is a zygote?
a fertilized egg
148 Jay Nayak NYC Department of Education Tosh is:
foolish talk or actions
149 Ryan Creary Wayne-Finger Lakes BOCES What is another word for erstwhile?
150 Nyarah Garver The Daily Star What is prosody?
the systematic study of metrical structure in verse
151 Leah Rini Champlain Valley Educational Services If something is done fatuously, it is done:
in a silly, foolish, or absurd manner
152 Simran Sanders The Post-Standard What is titration?
a determination of the reactive capacity of a solution
153 Micah Sterling Watertown Daily Times When people expatiate, they:
speak on a topic in great detail
154 Aishwarya Kallakuri Carolina Panthers Agave is a type of:
155 Ananya Prassanna Carolina Panthers What is repartee?
a back-and-forth of clever replies
156 Harini Jayakumar Carolina Panthers Someone described as antiquarian:
buys and sells old books
157 Phaneendra Bulusu Carolina Panthers Something described as pecuniary:
consists of money
159 Angelo Aldoph Cumberland County Schools Espousal is:
an act of supporting a belief or cause
161 Orrin Lam Johnston County Public Schools What is coriander?
a pungent herb used in cooking
162 Luna Gasevic ND Association of County Superintendents What does it mean to besmirch something?
to stain or tarnish it
163 Zach Yeager Akron Beacon Journal What is another word for mollify?
164 Meredith Dunlap Ohio University College of Business A menagerie is:
a collection of wild animals
166 Logan Cox The Repository What are regalia?
insignia that indicate an office or membership in a group
167 Emily Castilla WCPO 9 What is a sylph?
an imaginary being said to inhabit the air
168 Avinav Prem Anand SNSB Region Two Bee Something described as astringent:
tightens cells or draws together soft tissues
170 Aurora Spisak Wright State University Another term for the patella is:
172 Ope Balogun The Lima News Another word for inerrancy is:
176 Brheanna Boyles The Herald-Star Profligacy refers to:
reckless extravagance and wastefulness
177 Advait Nishit SNSB Region Two Bee A rapscallion is:
a rascal or scoundrel
178 Kendall Mehl The Blade Someone described as venerable is:
deserving of respect
179 Joey Constantine WFMJ Television, Inc. Something described as staid is:
serious or grave
180 Adora Zhang Oklahoma City Thunder A zeppelin is a type of:
181 Nico Reens 2 News Oklahoma What is an entente?
an international agreement that is less binding than an alliance
182 Rubina Wiedemer Telemundo Portland To acquiesce is to:
accept without protest
183 Charan Garimella Chester County Intermediate Unit Another word for plangency is:
184 Akshaj Somisetty WITF Public Media Burgoo is a type of:
185 Indigo Satko Pennsylvania State Education Association and Council for the Advancement of Public Schools What is a requisition?
a demand made in writing for something that is not automatically provided
186 Hillel Ziskind Delaware County Intermediate Unit Something described as beatific is:
marked by complete bliss
187 Jayden Jiang WHYY What does it mean to grouse?
to complain
188 Leul Geremew WHYY Someone described as unctuous is:
smug and falsely earnest
189 Raana Parchuri Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Froufrou is:
excessive decoration in clothing
191 Aaditya Aiyer Diamond City Sports What does it mean to metastasize?
to spread from an original site of disease to another part of the body
192 Mariana Pérez González Eureka Enrichment Services, Inc. What is a harangue?
a rant
193 Elliana Pagliarini The Valley Breeze Something described as exogenous:
originates from or is due to external causes
194 Cate Angle The Post and Courier What does an impresario do?
manages or conducts an opera or concert
195 Mallory Greene Carolina Panthers Which of the following is another word for inimical?
196 Connor Norton Pee Dee Education Center If something is described as impromptu, it is done:
without previous preparation
197 Logan Edwards Carolina Panthers What does it mean to dissemble?
hide facts or feelings
199 Rayaan Ahmad University of South Dakota If something is described as recriminatory, it:
has the character of a counter accusation
200 Josh Verma University of Memphis A chinook is a type of:
warm dry wind
202 Mina Chen Tennessee Titans Something described as retrograde is:
moving backwards
204 Jayden Zheng Education Credit Union The provenance of something is its:
place of origin
205 Tarini Nandakumar Sweet Success ATX What is a halibut?
a type of flatfish
206 Anthony Reyes KRIS Communications A periwinkle is a type of:
ornamental plant
207 Faizan Zaki Dallas Sports Commission A splenetic person can be described as:
208 Sriya Gomatam Dallas Sports Commission Someone who is ensconced is:
firmly or comfortably settled
209 Chioma Egbuonu EPISD Education Foundation A chimera is created from:
parts of various real or imaginary animals
210 Tanya Kadaru Texas Christian University Something described as spurious is:
outwardly comparable to something without having its genuine qualities
211 Ishika Varipilli Houston Community College A parabola is a type of:
212 Kirsten Santos Houston Community College Which of the following is an example of a tributary?
a river feeding into a larger river
213 Vir Lagad Houston Community College Where would you find phalanges?
in the hand or foot
214 Alejandro Martinez Laredo Morning Times What is a patronymic?
a name derived from one's father or his ancestor
215 Michael Tesfaye Ramar Communications Suet is a type of:
ancient grain
Correct answer: hard fat
216 Caleb Giuoco Rio Grande Valley AIM Media Texas Something described as crepuscular:
is active in the evening
217 Shreeya Sivakumar Midland Reporter-Telegram Something described as quintessential is:
the purest of its kind
218 Jaynard Quiray Ector County Independent School District To purvey is to:
examine something closely in order to understand the details
Correct answer: make available something that's wanted or needed
220 Siyona Kandala University of Texas at San Antonio - College of Education & Human Development Polysemy refers to:
the state of having extra chromosomes
Correct answer: the quality of having multiple meanings
221 Lucas Lee Victoria Advocate Something described as farcical:
is so silly as to provoke laughter
226 Brooke Powell The City Journals What is tiffin?
a midday meal
227 Sophia Montana The City Journals Another word for evanescent is:
229 Oviya Amalraj Loudoun County Public Schools Someone described as repentant is experiencing:
regret for past actions
230 Claire Meng SNSB Region Four Bee What is a hydrangea?
a shrub or woody vine with large flower clusters
231 Dante Pauley Big Brothers Big Sisters of Danville Area What does it mean to stipulate?
state as a term in an agreement
232 Daphne Reno Central Rappahannock Regional Library What is another word for umbrage?
233 Antony Elgohary Rockingham District Ruritans Something described as deleterious is:
234 Siya Sampath InsideNoVa/Prince William Vagabonds are:
people who wander about from place to place
235 Ankita Balaji Fairfax County Council PTA Ritziness is the quality of being:
luxurious or elegant
236 Nargiza Muzhapaer Fairfax County Council PTA Something described as portentous is:
foreshadowing a coming event
237 Rohith Konduri WHRO Public Media A pagoda is most like:
a tower
238 Audrey Lee Radford University Someone described as perspicacious is:
keen, shrewd, or clever
240 Declan Mallady Town Hall Seattle An osprey is a type of:
242 Isaac Boyce The Clarksburg Exponent-Telegram A person described as avuncular is:
acting kindly like an uncle
243 Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya Wisconsin State Journal If you study sabermetrics, you know a lot about:
244 Nethraa Muthupandiyaraja Wisconsin State Journal What is a glissando?
a quick series of consecutive notes played on an instrument
245 Eli Jernigan Sweetwater County BOCES How would one best describe a transmontane area?
lying on the farther side of a mountain range