2024 Results

Round 5 - Vocabulary Round

Spellers eliminated in this round finished in 46th place (tied).
No. Speller's Name Speller's Sponsor Question Answer Given
4 Aliyah Alpert Arizona Educational Foundation If something is heterodox, it:
diverges from a traditional point of view
8 Aarav Balani The Ministry of Education Something described as tandem:
has no logical order or arrangement
Correct answer: consists of two elements arranged one behind the other
13 Shradha Rachamreddy San Ramon Valley Rotary Club What is a sobriquet?
a fanciful nickname
18 Rishabh Saha SNSB Region One Bee Someone described as swaggering has:
a pompous or arrogant manner
19 Avi Randhawa Riverside County Office of Education A person described as woozy is:
experiencing dizziness, mild nausea, or weakness
20 Nithika Rangan TCG Memorial Academy What does it mean to wrangle?
engage in argument
22 Shrey Parikh San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools What is an acronym?
a word formed from the initial letters of other words
24 Ben Evans ABC 10News Something described as sectarian is:
confined to the limits of one group
31 Aditi Muthukumar The Denver Post Someone exhibiting bellicosity is:
showily aggressive
32 Hayden Hughes Noah Webster House & West Hartford Historical Society What does ameliorate mean?
to make something better
37 Claire Smith SNSB Region Two Bee What is a calliope?
a musical instrument consisting of a series of whistles
45 Vel Sethirayar Orange County Public Schools Xenophobia is the fear of:
strangers or foreigners
47 Bruhat Soma Rays Baseball Foundation and Rowdies Soccer Fund What is a troglodyte?
a primitive cave dweller
51 Sarv Dharavane Georgia Association of Educators What is an ideogram?
a symbol that represents a thing or an idea but not a particular word or phrase for it
54 N'Adom Darko-Asare Young Educators Foundation What does it mean to be rife with something?
to be abounding with it
55 Alleena Villaluz Rotary Club of Guam If something is lackluster, it is:
dull and uninspired
72 Reid Shaw SNSB Region Three Bee Someone described as strapping has:
an unkempt or disheveled appearance
Correct answer: a vigorously sturdy physique
80 Carey Chesire Kansas Press Association What is a spore?
a tiny body used by a living thing to reproduce itself
86 Zachary Rara Louisville Free Public Library What is an ohm?
a unit of electric resistance
93 Quint Karlsson Anne Arundel County Public Schools Something done tacitly is done in a manner that is:
implied but not actually expressed
96 Navya Dwivedi Howard County Library What does it mean to spurn something?
reject it with contempt
105 Joshua Diocares Kent Intermediate School District To wean someone is to:
tease them until they get annoyed or angry
Correct answer: have them cease to depend on a mother for nourishment
111 Aryan Khedkar Oakland Schools Education Foundation If a person has been vindicated, they have been:
freed from error or guilt
118 William Rausch The Minnesota Service Cooperatives Something described as trite is:
124 Garrett Fry Mid-Continent Public Library Something described as scathing is:
bitterly severe
127 Kunal Patel A.C.E.S. An actor's repertoire is:
the costume that they wear in a performance
Correct answer: the parts that they are prepared to perform
129 Sonia Kulkarni Saint Louis University If something is described as verdant, it is:
green with vegetation
131 Sarah Fernandes Omaha Sports Commission What is contraband?
goods forbidden from being imported or exported
134 Amritanshu Pradhan New Hampshire Union Leader What are tresses?
rolling hills
Correct answer: long locks of hair
139 Harini Murali Press Communications What is a wayfarer?
one who travels, especially on foot
145 YY Liang ScholarSkills for STARS What is a keystone?
the wedge-shaped piece at the crown of an arch
151 Leah Rini Champlain Valley Educational Services Which would you most likely quaff?
a bottle of water
153 Micah Sterling Watertown Daily Times How would you describe an oracular tone?
wise and solemn
154 Aishwarya Kallakuri Carolina Panthers What is an iconoclast?
one who attacks established beliefs, ideals, customs, or institutions
155 Ananya Prassanna Carolina Panthers A person described as recalcitrant is:
stubbornly disobedient
168 Avinav Prem Anand SNSB Region Two Bee Something that is dolorous:
expresses sorrow or affliction
172 Ope Balogun The Lima News What is conscription?
the printing of an alternate currency
Correct answer: compulsory enrollment into the armed forces
177 Advait Nishit SNSB Region Two Bee What is a clunker?
a loud and crowded party
Correct answer: a dilapidated automobile
179 Joey Constantine WFMJ Television, Inc. What is a diatribe?
a tube made of plastic for moving compressed gases
Correct answer: a bitter, abusive, lengthy speech or piece of writing
182 Rubina Wiedemer Telemundo Portland Someone described as agog is:
full of intense interest or excitement
188 Leul Geremew WHYY What is a hippodrome?
an arena for equestrian performances
196 Connor Norton Pee Dee Education Center Something described as abiotic is:
not produced by living organisms
197 Logan Edwards Carolina Panthers What is a parapet?
a raised rampart in a fortification
200 Josh Verma University of Memphis What is a reprobate?
a sum of money discounted from a purchase
Correct answer: a depraved or unprincipled person
204 Jayden Zheng Education Credit Union What is a tête-à-tête?
a private conversation between two persons
205 Tarini Nandakumar Sweet Success ATX What does it mean to interdict?
to introduce
Correct answer: to prohibit
207 Faizan Zaki Dallas Sports Commission Braggadocio is:
empty boasting
208 Sriya Gomatam Dallas Sports Commission Zaniness is the state of being:
fantastically absurd
209 Chioma Egbuonu EPISD Education Foundation If two things dovetail, they:
proceed along parallel paths
Correct answer: fit together in a unified whole
210 Tanya Kadaru Texas Christian University Something described as holistic is concerned with:
knowledge gathered through revelation
Correct answer: complete systems rather than only parts
211 Ishika Varipilli Houston Community College Something described as swanky is:
crooked or lopsided
Correct answer: fashionably elegant
212 Kirsten Santos Houston Community College Someone described as zestful is distinguished by:
their vitality and keen enjoyment
213 Vir Lagad Houston Community College What is didacticism?
a quality of conveying instruction
229 Oviya Amalraj Loudoun County Public Schools What is a klaxon?
an English goose known for its shrill cry
Correct answer: an electrically operated horn or warning signal
230 Claire Meng SNSB Region Four Bee What is ecru?
a color
236 Nargiza Muzhapaer Fairfax County Council PTA Otolaryngology is the study of:
the ear, nose, and throat
237 Rohith Konduri WHRO Public Media What does it mean to conflate things?
to merge them together
240 Declan Mallady Town Hall Seattle Someone described as dilettantish:
shows frivolous or superficial interest
243 Aiden Wijeyakulasuriya Wisconsin State Journal What is a greenhorn?
an inexperienced person